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Attract New PatientsThe key service at our company is management consulting for chiropractors. At The Masters Circle, we strive to provide an expert chiropractic coaching program for all of our members. Since 2005, we have been working on building trusting relationships and providing alternative ways for members to open dialogue with their clients for questions and comments. Through our effective chiropractic assistant training program, you can learn to better understand yourself, your purpose, and your goals. We can show you how to target your weak areas and develop new ways to address and overcome them. Our chiropractic seminars and practice building courses can help you determine your own personal strengths and weaknesses, which in turn can be used to show your clients a way to overcome their limitations as well.

Become Profitable Now! The intention of our coaching seminars is to create change in your body and mind through learning about yourself and any areas of your body and mind that may need improvement. Coaching is vastly different from therapy as it focuses on the future, while therapy tries to change the past. Our coaching team is ready to show you ways to accomplish personal goals and desires. In an attempt to revitalize your private chiropractic practice, we use different forms of coaching to better suit you and your unique needs:

The Master Circle - The Ultimate Jumpstart - Everything You Need To Build The Practice The World needs

  • Personalized on-on-one coaching
  • Open consulting, or group coaching
  • Life coaching

It doesn’t matter if your practice is one of the best in the world, or could use a little boost. Our techniques will get you instant results as soon as you choose to implement them within your practice. The Masters Circle is the leading management consulting organization for chiropractic practices and has spent many years refining various office practices and managerial techniques. Our time spent fine-tuning our educational program has given us a unique insight into what works, and what does not. We welcome you to contact us if you have any questions about our chiropractic continuing education course or our organization.

A Personal Message From Bob and Dennis…

Thank you for visiting us, and welcome to the wonderful world of The Masters Circle! At TMC, you can expect to be served with enthusiasm, excellence and love. Our unique Identity-Based approach uses Custom-Tailored Coaching to specifically target your weaker areas and develop resources to address them, a fancy way of saying we help you find out what’s holding you back and show you how to handle it.

Let us show you how you can combine our coaching, consulting, seminars, support materials, teleclasses, online video library and many other resources to create a personalized approach to success and fulfillment, in practice and in life.

We will do everything possible to help you accomplish what you desire. You can browse our store for products that are relevant to your needs, subscribe to TMCtv, fill out a complimentary practice evaluation form, or become a member and enjoy a whole complement of services — we’re thrilled to support you however we can. We are dedicated to serving chiropractors!

Thank you, and once again, welcome!

Established in 2001, The Masters Circle is your resource for chiropractic seminars conducted throughout the US and in many countries around the world. Included in each seminar are segments on chiropractic marketing and practice building, continuing education classes and chiropractic management. Members have access to Chiropractic coaches as well as hundreds of hours of multi media classes all designed to help you achieve the practice you’ve always wanted.