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Dr. Bob Hoffman, a 35-year chiropractic veteran and trusted and revered mentor confidant, best selling author, guide and coach in the industry, invites you to schedule a complimentary, no obligation practice evaluation that he will conduct personally

A practice evaluation is a 30-minute in-depth interview with piercing questions designed to discover the strengths and weaker areas in your practice. Practice evaluations are vital to a healthy practice because it isolates what's truly essential for practice growth, helping you become laser focused on the specific steps you'll need to take to reach your goals.

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What other people are saying...

"Dr. Bob's new name should be The Practice Whisperer. I have never seen someone look at my statistics and give such specific concrete, real and proven action steps the way he does. He is right on point, clear and concise and my practice is now living proof that Bob can help turn anyone's practice around. Anyone whose practice is stuck or who wants to get to the next level should schedule a Practice Evaluation with him immediately. "
Dr. Melinda Keller

"I must admit that I was hesitant at first, but I am so glad I did a Practice Evaluation with Dr. Bob Hoffman. The things he picked up on and shared with me were mind blowing. There is nothing he doesn't know the answer to - and there is no type of practice he can't help grow rapidly. He helped me get laser focused on the things that would allow me to have rapid growth in my practice - and it worked like a charm!"

 - Dr. Sasha Green

"Before my Practice Evaluation, Dr. Hoffman asked me to send him what my goals were, in addition to my last 12 months of practice statistics, he started telling me things that I couldn't believe he knew! he was right on target with everything he said. At the end of the Practice Evaluation, Dr, Bob went over the exact steps that I needed to take in order to see rapid and sustainable growth. He showed me how to work smarter, not harder. I am forever grateful for his time and wisdom. He is truly amazing."

 - Dr. Michael Johnson

Limited Practice Evaluations Available 

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